About Us


Within the context of our distinctive Catholic ethos the Governors and staff of St. Trea's Primary aim to create a caring, stimulating, disciplined learning environment in which all children achieve their potential and experience success in their learning and development.


Our school is based on the principles of child-centred education. While striving for academic excellence, we also recognise each child as a unique individual with not only academic but also spiritual, moral, physical, social and emotional needs. We aim to develop each child's full potential as a member of society and believe that children will learn best when they are happy.


We believe that the school is an integral part of the Catholic community. We are firmly committed to educating our children in a spirit of understanding and respect.


We fully recognise that an active and meaningful partnership between the school, the home and the parish is essential to our school's success as well as your child's development.


At St. Trea's we aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for all our children in line with the revised curriculum.


Delivering the Curriculum

We view the curriculum as embracing the learning opportunities we offer our children including the way we treat them. How e relate to one another within a Catholic atmosphere is part of the curriculum our children experience. We seek to consider each child as an individual with talents, skills and abilities. Our job is to promote the growth of their talents. We will offer each child a wide and balanced curriculum, based on the Revised Northern Curriculum. We aim to deliver the curriculum in a way that encourages each child to develop at their own level and to progress to fulfil to their potential. A variety of teaching methods will be used to make learning interactive, practical and enjoyable. Children will have the opportunity to participate in whole class, group and individual activities in order to engage in effective learning methods.


At St. Trea's we feel that the curriculum is not just about formal lessons. It includes all opportunities for learning provided by the school such as:


    • Sport: Football, Camogie, Hurling, Athletics, Swimming, Rugby
    • Music: String tuition, Public Examinations, Performances
    • Cycling Proficiency: Year 7
    • Quiz Competitions
    • Art Competitions
    • Cross Community Projects
    • Educational Visits: Day Trips, Residentials, Special Guests
    • Environmental Projects
    • Community Activities: Carol Services, Spring Clean, Savings