Guitar Lessons


After a very successful year of tin whistle classes as part of the 'Traditional Music for Schools Programme', some Primary 5 children now have the opportunity to learn the guitar.

Below are some comments from the children.


"I love learning to play the guitar. I know two songs off by heart already. There are lots of different rhythms. It's a load of fun! I'm learning 'You are my Sunshine'."           Peadar

"We have only started to learn to play the guitar. I'm really excited. It is really good and I want to get better and better."             Caleb

"We have started to play the guitar. It is hard work but good fun. I practice songs. My favourite song so far is 'You are my Sunshine'."            Ava

"I am very excited about learning the guitar. I was very surprised when Ryan picked me. My favourite part is learning a new song every week."            Fergal

"Learning the guitar is really fun. I like playing so many songs. So far I have learnt 4 notes."         Emily