Visit to Lafarge Cement Factory & Ballinderry Hatchery


Primary 5 pupils from both Woods and St. Trea's Primary Schools visited Lafarge Cement Factory and Ballinderry Hatchery on Wednesday, 10th May.


"At the cement factory we had to wear safety gear when we walked around the factory.  They showed us how cement was made.  It was so fun! Next we went to the hatchery were they bred trout, crayfish and fresh water mussels.  We got to hold the fish.  It was fun to see all the different sizes of fish."     Cormac Doyle


"On Wednesday 10th May we went to the cement factory and Ballinderry Hatchery with children from the Wood Primary School.  I would give this trip a 5 star rating!!"     Cathal Scullion


"The cement factory was really good because we got to find out how cement was made from limestone.  The hatchery was really fun because you got to feel fish and mussels."     Caoimhe Short


"The cement factory was really fun.  We got a tour of the factory and it was brilliant.  The Ballinderry Hatchery was really exciting as we got to hold real fish.  I petted a crayfish too.  Best school trip ever!!"     Emily Higgins