Woodhall - April 2016

Our Primary 6 and 7 pupils enjoyed a fun filled couple of days at Woodhall, Kilrea.

Enjoy browsing the photos and reading some of the children's comments below!

"Woodhall is something I will never forget because of all the fun I had. The team building exercises were my favourite thing to do. The most scary thing I did was 'The Leap of Faith' because it was hard to get up there and I'm afraid of heights."    Shane P7  


"It was a great weekend at Woodhall. My favourite activity there was 'The Leap of Faith' and the orienteering."    Daire P7


"I honestly would have regretted not doing the walk across because I conquered one of my biggest fears and I felt fine doing the zip-line the next day."    Terry P7


"It was the most memorable two days of my life! It was such fun doing all of the activities and I really want to go to Woodhall again."    Medbh P7

"My favourite memory of Woodhall is 'The Leap of Faith' and the canoeing. I was so surprised when Master and Miss McKee jumped in to the River Bann."      Odhrán P7

"Woodhall was amazing - I enjoyed 'The Leap of Faith" and the canoeing. The funniest bit was when some people jumped in."       Caolán  P7

"My favourite thing in Woodhall was 'The Leap of Faith' because it was really challenging and I love a challenge. This was the best week. I also liked the zip-line because it was very high and fast. Woodhall was the best! I would have liked to stay longer and I would definitely go back."     Abbie P7

"It was really fun at Woodhall. My favourite part was the canoeing."    Rebecca  P7

"At Woodhall, I enjoyed it all but I loved the canoeing the best."     Ronan P7

"Canoeing was a great experience - it was such fun but I couldn't wait to jump in. I jumped in twice and at the end Master jumped in and it was hilarious!"     Connie P7

"Woodhall was really fun. We went for two days but I think the last day was the best. We went canoeing and jumped into the River Bann. I still can't believe Master and Miss McKee jumped in too!"   
Saoirse P7

"It was really fun when we did 'The Leap of Faith' and when we jumped in the river."    Shannon P7

"My favourite bit in Woodhall was 'The Leap of Faith'."     Kym P7

"Woodhall was the best day of my life. I liked all of the activities. I'd love to go back again."     Oisin P7