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All About Ellie-Rose Cassidy

4 April 2016 (by admin)

By Lucy Cassidy

Ellie-Rose is a past pupil of St. Trea’s Primary School. She has an extremely big passion for riding ponies and jumping at massive horse shows all around Ireland and the UK. When she first got on a pony she was only 5 years old and has now been riding for 7 years. She has jumped with many famous horse riders that have rode all around the world and won thousands of awards and has achieved a lot from this sport. The biggest horse shows that Ellie-Rose has ever jumped at are the Dublin Horse Show and Wales and West. On the first day of the Dublin Horse show she jumped in Simmons court with her pony Little Ceaser. The two of them jumped super in the first and second round but they did even better in the third round which was against the clock with an electric time of 31.65 with the jumps up at the height of 1.15m which was good enough for 6th place which got both of them qualified for the main arena on the Friday night on TV at 7:00pm sharp. On Friday night everyone gathered round and watched the children who had qualified for the main arena on their ponies and cheered them on. Ellie-Rose and Little Ceaser jumped both their hearts out but unfortunately had the 4th fence down and didn’t make it into the jump off but overall they finished 11th. Ellie-Rose has also jumped over at Wales and West with her two ponies Little Ceaser and Parc Chit Chat. She jumped on the first day on both her ponies to try and qualify for the Irish pony team, but only Little Ceaser qualified with three clear rounds. She got a lovely rosette and all her accessories to jump for the Irish pony team the next morning. Ellie-Rose wore her lovely show jumping shirt and jacket with loads of sparkly diamonds on it and beautiful diamantes on her show shirt. We painted her face at either side with green, white and orange paint. Little Ceaser wore very fashionable dark green ears and a lovely green Ireland rug with Ireland wrote up the side of it. Whenever they called Ellie-Rose and Little Ceasers name they both went into the arena and jumped their best. Everyone from Ireland cheered them on and it ended up that whenever they added up all the points they announced that the winners were Team Ireland with all the riders going clear all the way with amazing times. They all stood up on the podium and got all their medals presented by the judge, and then they got back on all their ponies and did a very fast lap of honour. Ellie-Rose was delighted with winning her gold medal and will continue riding at horse shows.